Matruka Sherman

MS-Matruka Sherman

Matruka Sherman is a Founding Member of Dancing Dog Gallery.

Matruka Sherman has been involved with photography as a fine art since 1970 when she studied photography and film as an art major at Brooklyn College.  She had her first one woman show in 1973 at the age of 22 at Avanti gallery in New York City. 

Since then she has shown in numerous settings around the East Coast including Sag Harbor and East Hampton, on the eastern end of Long Island.  She has had several photographs published in magazines.  Matruka also has photographs in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. as part of the exhibit called The Bus Show.

Matruka has won numerous awards and her work is included in many private collections.  She is a member of Women’s Caucus for Art and the Vice President of Ann Arbor Women Artists.

She currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she is a psychotherapist in private practice.  She also spends time in her home in Water Mill, New York.

My grandfather was an artist and I grew up loving the smell of oil paints from his studio. While working for my grandfather in his gallery, a friend of his from a photo studio asked if I would like to work for him.

I have been involved with photography as a fine art ever since. That was the in the early seventies.  I made black and white photographs using 35mm film and traditional darkroom techniques.  For most of the last 30 years I have developed the film and printed the photos myself.   Over the last several years I have been working with a digital format and have favored digital coloring as well.

Since 1974 I have been actively involved in meditation, and I experience my work as a direct expression of this involvement.  I am especially interested in capturing the inner light of the subject. At times that light may be expressed as vibrant and luminous, longing to burst forth and be revealed.  At other times it is indrawn, silent and still.

I view art as a place of refuge and solace, to transport one out of the ordinary, to loosen the grip of the concrete structural world into one that is more fluid and spacious.  With a background in psychology and metaphysics there is a strong urge to assist the viewer in going deeper or higher.  Most of all, I believe in the soothing power of beauty to heal.

My photos are intended to elicit an experience that transcends ordinary reality.  In that way, one remembers that everything pulsates with consciousness and, by pausing to reflect, we are reminded of our own inner beauty and purest nature.